Condenser Unit

These units are found outside the home. Their job is to remove heat from within the home. They turn heated and pressurised refrigerant vapour into a cool liquid. This conditioned liquid runs through the AC system and helps cool the indoor temperatures. It also soaks up heat drawn from the room and transports it to the condenser outside. These are used to replace damaged or faulty existing outdoor units.


  • 24000BTU – 60000 BTU
  • Universal design outdoor unit
  • With Sanyo-Panasonic Compressor Installed produce stronger power and stable operation.
  • Anti-attenuation design and better low-temperature
  • heating performance.
  • Universal Design, convenient for market stocks and spare parts.
  • Metal grille for best coil protection.
  • You can match it with any indoor unit (AHB, CSA, FUA and FCA Series)
  • 24V Universal Communication Connection, safe and simple.
  • Multi-Protection: High pressure protection, low pressure protection, and exhausted temp.