Conceal Type Non-Inverter

This split system unit offers a discreet cooling option, as the indoor unit is completely concealed within the ceiling space and ducted to the supply grills. As a non-inverter unit it will automatically switch off when the desired temperature is reached and start again when the temperature increases. Controlled by a thermostat, these systems are the best solution for a sleek hidden cooling solution – like its name suggests.


  • Ultra-Thin Body Design
  • Adopting Aviation Centrifugal Fans, and CFD technology design, increasing air-volume and decreasing noise level only 29dB(A) for Medium ESP Ducted Unit
  • Three Fan Speed, meet for different requirement
  • 50Pa ESP for the Medium ESP Ducted Unit, Duct connected installation meet for different room structure
  • Easy Convenient Installation and Maintenance, washable filter design
  • E-Box is Body-Side Design for Medium ESP Ducted Unit, convenient installation and maintenance