Commercial Package Unit

These units are unique to every application and range in many sizes and types. They are great for your new office building or commercial development. As the entire cooling system is self-contained and is located outdoors. This allows for little to no disruption when there is routine maintenance being carried out.

These units are controlled via Thermostats which can be non-programmable or programmable offering the end user trouble free operation.


• R-410A HFC refrigerant.
• Complete factory charged, wired and run tested.
• Scroll compressors with internal line break overload and
high-pressure protection.
• Single stage compressor.
• Convertible airflow.
• Orifice metering system on 7.5 and 10 ton. TXV metering on
12.5 ton.
• High Pressure and Low Pressure/Loss of charge protection
standard on all models.
• Solid Core liquid line filter drier on each circuit.
• Single slab, single pass designed evaporator and condenser
coils facilitate easy cleaning for maintained high efficiencies.
• MicroChannel outdoor coil.
• Cooling operation up to 125 degree F ambient.
• Foil faced insulation encapsulated throughout entire unit
minimizes airborne fibers from the air stream.
• Mechanical fasteners, door with heavy-duty gasketing
• Powder Paint Finish meets ASTMB117 steel coated on each
side for maximum protection. G90 galvanized.
• One piece top cover and one piece base pan with drawn
supply and return opening for superior water management.
• Forkable base rails for easy handling and lifting.
• Single point electrical connections.
• Internally sloped slide out condensate pan conforms to
ASHRAE 62 standards.
• High performance belt drive motor with variable pitch pulleys
and quick adjust belt system.
• Permanently lubricated evaporator and condenser motors.
• Condenser motors are internally protected, totally enclosed
with shaft down design.
• 2 inch filter standard with slide out design.
• 24 volt control system with resettable circuit breakers.
• Colored and labeled wiring.
• Molded compressor plug.
• Supplemental electric heat provides 100% efficient heating.
• Slide Out Indoor fan assembly for added service